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Recover Damages After a Slip & Fall Accident
Due to Negligence

Accidents happen all the time, but many times, the accidents that occur were preventable because of a lack of awareness or breach of duty. When you slip and fall in a grocery store, school, or other private or public property, talk to Gary A. Collias, Attorney at Law. With nearly 40 years of experience as a personal injury attorney, Gary works diligently to find facts and get his clients the compensation they deserve when injured due to negligence. Property and business owners have a duty to protect guests on their property, and when they fail to do so, Gary A. Collias holds them accountable. For a consultation on a slip and fall injury, call our law office at (304) 344-3653 or contact us for more information.

Holding Negligent Property Owners Near Charleston Liable
Since 1982

Whether private or public property, negligence is never an acceptable reason for an injury to occur due to a wet floor, protrusion from the ground, or other dangerous factors. That is why Attorney Gary A. Collias holds negligent property owners accountable when they cause injury to his clients. Gary is easy to talk to and has a proven track record of fighting hard for the rights of injured West Virginians. With a convenient office location on Capitol Street in Charleston, we offer easy access to the Kanawha County courthouse. Visit us today to take the first step toward recovering damages from a slip and fall case with Gary A. Collias.

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For more information on slip and fall representation, visit our law office in Charleston. Gary Collias gives open and honest counsel, and works tirelessly to find the facts necessary to win your case. With experience dating back to 1982, Gary knows personal injury law in great detail and has used that knowledge to win countless cases for his clients through the years. Our law office serves residents throughout Southern West Virginia, including in areas like Hurricane, Winfield, and parts of Putnam and Boone Counties. Give us a call today for more information.