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Throughout the course of their lives, many drivers in West Virginia experience some sort of automobile accident. In many cases, it simply involves a fender bender, but in other cases, serious accidents can occur and cause minor or severe injuries. If you suffer from an injury at the hands of a negligent driver, call Gary A. Collias. With over 38 years of experience in personal injury law, Gary Collias works hard to get injured drivers the compensation they deserve after an auto accident. Contact us by giving us a call at (304) 344-3653, or visit our law office in Charleston for more information on auto accident injury representation.

Gary Collias Finds the Facts After
Every Automobile Accident

After experiencing an injury from an automobile collision, finding the facts can be a difficult ordeal to build a case. Luckily, when you choose Attorney Gary A. Collias, he will utilize his experience to find the facts for you. Injuries in auto accidents can cost innocent victims money in terms of medical bills, vehicle repairs, and insurance costs. That is why our attorney builds the perfect case to get his clients the compensation they deserve. For more information on how to recover damages in an auto accident personal injury case, contact Gary A. Collias in Charleston, WV, today and take the first step.

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If you live in the Charleston, WV, area and have recently experienced an automobile accident, talk to Attorney Gary Collias about your legal options. As a personal injury attorney with nearly four decades of experience, Gary can make sure his clients can recover the damages due to them after an auto injury. Our attorney has a proven track record of holding negligent drivers accountable and helping his clients receive compensation. Give us a call today for more information on auto accident personal injury representation.