Gary A. Collias,
Attorney at Law
In Charleston, WV

About Attorney Gary A. Collias
in Charleston, WV

For over 38 years, Attorney Gary A. Collias has been proudly serving the legal needs of people in Charleston, WV, and the surrounding areas. He began practicing law in 1982 and specializes in consumer bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, and so much more. If you live in the Charleston, WV, area and are in need of an experienced attorney who will show you the personal attention, care, and professionalism you deserve, call Gary A. Collias at (304) 344-3653.

You can also contact us online for more information about Attorney Gary A. Collias, or with questions about our practice areas.

Take Control of Your Legal Needs
with Attorney Gary A. Collias

Managing your money can be difficult during these uncertain financial times. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney, who will give you personalized service when you cannot pay your bills. Job loss, large medical expenses, divorce, and pay reduction are just a few of the reasons people often have the need to file for bankruptcy. Gary A. Collias has been practicing bankruptcy law for over 38 years and is uniquely qualified to give you advice, explain bankruptcy options, and represent you in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Whether he is representing you in a bankruptcy case, a criminal matter, or a personal injury claim, you will quickly realize that Gary A. Collias is the most qualified attorney to represent you in your case.

Serving Kanawha County and
Surrounding Counties in WV

You never know when an emotional or financial disaster may strike. It may never happen to you, but it would be a good idea for you to retain an experienced attorney for routine legal matters or for emergency purposes.

With almost four decades of experience, Gary is uniquely qualified to assist you with filing a consumer bankruptcy case, personal injury claim, or criminal defense requirement.

Call today and let Attorney Gary Collias help you take control of your finances, personal injury claim, and criminal defense.